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AMA refers to obesity, cancer and diabetes,
which brings needed change in lighting
for Health Insurance.

 Lighting will eventually have rating labels for safety and for Health Insurance Premiums.

clock having no hands   Disruption of circadian clock (by Prognosis Hope)
linked to AMA reports
NIHPA 2010:  Effect of Light on Circadian Physiology
Today the safe use of lighting requires light filtering, either with tinted eyeglasses, or within the lighting.
spd graphic   Compare LED Circadian Effects with tinted eyeglasses.
(Uses Melatonin lab test by Mark S. Rea, PhD)
Estimate amount of sleep aid supplement
based on Spectral Power Distribution curve, and time.

The example cited with Geochemist Clair Patterson shows how the money made by automotive and petroleum industry was more important to government than intelligence of health. In that period of more than 20 years, we suffered poisoning, deaths, disease and illness merely due to politics. Humans have a circadian rhythm, as we have for many thousands of years, and hopefully will have for many thousands more. Our AMA has listed for more than 15 years, the effect of light on Circadian Physiology, and our government is well informed. In September 2013, an actual lab test was publicized showing our blood levels of hormone melatonin and optical activity directly related to light wavelengths. The AMA time line shows their knowledge began with fluorescent lighting.

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On AMA Policy

Health Safety Rating
for Health Insurance

AMA Policy
Radford University paper — Dr Patterson and Senator Muskie chairing Environment Committee
See that Melatonin Lowers Breast Cancer Risk         Diabetes and More

Today there are LED scientists that have shown LEDs can be made to avoid causing the melatonin suppression caused with cool-white fluorescents and LEDs. But this repeats a money deal, the 20-year refusal that preceded the catalytic converter after Dr Patterson. Success bringing the catalytic converter was finally made by Legislative Senator Edmond Muskie and the Environmental Law. LED lighting may use less power and the LEDs chosen must avoid Melatonin suppression. LED competition most often begins with efficacy to help payback figures. Common Cool-White LEDs usually have higher efficacy than Warm-White but today bring greater risk for cancer, diabetes and obesity. Today the AMA Policy brings need to correct our Health Insurance which has it contributing to safety and also adjusting policy rates based on lighting and practices that clients use.