Ostomy Trials . . .
    New Body Part Needs Dressing
The stoma is near your waistline, and your belt's position on that Ostomy barrier is critical. Position can change with brand, so it starts with samples.
Try these styles for dimensions and ease of use. A few name brands shown here are Hollister, Coloplast, ConvaTec. Most will send you free samples for testing.
(Note - the ConvaTec can not perform in some spaces where other brands can.)
Remember — test a sample before committing.

    Details to keep in mind:
 ▪︎Beltline + Stoma + Clothing
 ▪︎Above, Below, or Inline with Belt
 ▪︎On a Fat Roll or, in Dip Between
 ▪︎Bend Waist Without Leaking
 ▪︎Side to Sleep On & Hang Pouch
Distance between pouch and stoma-cut-out affect barrier folding. A wrinkle there can allow liquid seepage beneath, and that may hurt even when hiding.

Good Fit   Tap it
 17  mm
Coloplast #10472
Flat, Pre-Cut 1"
 27  mm
ConvaTec #416725
Flat, Pre-Cut 1"
 14  mm
Hollister #8925
Flat, Pre-Cut 1"
CeraPlus FlexWear
 17  mm
Coloplast #16731
Convex, Pre-Cut 1"
 14  mm
Hollister #8662
Convex, Pre-Cut 1"
When a brand & barrier with your Cut-to-Fit is established, confirm those dimensions are retained when changing anything.
Different versions, even by same manufacturer, require leak testing before placing an order.

Some photos aren't exactly the part they claim, and are not to scale.
Pre-cut sizes are specified.   Barrier millimeters will differ by manufacturer, maybe to flange ID, flange OD, to pouch contact area, etc.

Patrick Mullins
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