A Few Global Warming Details

Here you see Earth's Jet Streams that affect its temperatures and climates. 
Click blue & green words for more information.
  • That "global warming" phrase refers to greenhouse effect.
    Scan all the way down this greenhouse gas page to compare each gas for its abundance and impact.  Especially water vapor.
    gases by Name
    Chemical Symbol ≅ Greenhouse Effect
    × Ref (10-year scale)
    ≅PPM = Parts
    Per Million
    Water Vapor H2O 2 9800
    70°F   RH64%
    Carbon Dioxide CO2 1 (Ref)  400
    Methane CH4 30 49
    Nitrous Oxide N2O 270 24
    Ozone O3 variable layer ~
    Chlorofluorocarbons CFCs 10000 15
  • U.S. Greenhouse Gas
    Emissions in 2015
    EPA on "Understanding"
    Life on Earth requires greenhouse effect and Carbon dioxide (CO2).
    CO2 is also a volume Indicator of fossil fuel burned when generating electricity.
  • See EPA and note that Greenhouse Gas "Emissions" implies Man Made.
  • Climate Change is more popular than "global warming" so here's one response by Sierra Club’s President.
  • The most significant Greenhouse Gas in that listing above is water vapor
    volume is > 24× the CO2 Ref. gas.
    Water Vapor is Natural in Earth's atmosphere, is NOT man made, and as always, it regulates Earth's temperature.  EPA said that Water Vapor heats Earth more than CO2, and they left out the natural cooling phases in the water cycle.  Scientists and Meteorologists can explain.
  • Water Vapor is H2O evaporated into Earth's atmosphere.  The Water Cycle has several more phases after that which allows our lives here. 
    Condensation = [haze, mist, cloud formation, dew & rain] which are phenomenon that increase Index of Refraction of vapor ≅33%. 
    (Click those phase words for Wikipedia to give thorough definitions.)
  • Water Vapor extends for good reason beyond Greenhouse Effect: 
    1) refractive index prevents Sun's full strength InfraRed Heat Rays from bombarding Earth's surface, and, 2) dew and rain bring lower temperatures to that area of Earth's surface.  Note that haze and mist remain above Earth's surface, so that area of Earth is under shade.
    Man has used "Mist" as a cooling tool for centuries.
  • Our satellites have measured insignificant temperature change from Earth for 18 years, which brings question about political "global warming" claims.  A globe has many temperatures, based upon where, weather and seasonal relation there with the Sun. A total depends upon when all are averaged. NASA gives true values for all planets.
  • Low-particulate atmosphere lets Sun IR (Infrared) rays pass through to warm Earth's surface, and that atmosphere absorbs some heat.  Earth's surface emits a different wavelength IR than what came through, and greenhouse gas limits how much gets out. This is normal & ordinary greenhouse effect with greenhouse gas.
  • EPA on Particulate Matter Pollution in the atmosphere, absorbs more Sun rays and limits their passage to Earth's surface.  Atmospheric temperature is higher with particles than with greenhouse gas alone, and Earth's surface heat is lower than normal. Particle pollution is like having the shade of cloud coverage, and causes Earth surface temperature to differ from normal greenhouse effect.
    This may quickly affect a climate and more.
  • Jet Stream is a westerly wind (traveling East) several miles above the Earth's surface, transporting humidity, storms, gases and suspended particulate matter many thousands of miles.
    Nations emitting particulate pollution affect those on their east side for thousands of miles.
     CO2 graphs             Visit  NOAA             
  • This Air Polluting / CO2  Source (above) uses dirty fuels and no EPA control.  Jet Streams take that Particulate Matter and CO2 all the way to L.A. and beyond; they build a new electric plant every month.
  • Within the red dashed lines above see NOAA CO2 air measurement in that path.  Emission from China seriously affects their readings.
  • Los Angeles, USA has noted particulate air pollution from this Source
    for nearly 2 decades; they knew it wasn't theirs.
  • In 2015, the above Source is emitting double (2×) CO2 as United States.   Source's President was in a 2015 UN Meeting, and stated this might be addressed in 2030.
  • Worldly management requires knowing all sources, and CO2 weight by nation to prioritize International EPA criteria.

Many concerns may be addressed if EPA gets
Carbon Dioxide measurements from NOAA for West side of China,
dated comparable to those taken on China's East side.

Nations with highest & increasing pollution emissions
should be addressed first,
but it may be a century before seeing results.    

Could we trust Al Gore to pay his own worldly expenses
to enforce EPA Internationally ??

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June 2017