A Few More Global Warming Details

See how  the Jet Stream Causes Weather Extremes
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  • That "global warming" phrase refers to greenhouse effect, and many say greenhouse gas is a pollutant.
  • Life on Earth requires greenhouse effect and Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Greenhouse gas has a political priority over particulate pollution.
  • Now "climate change" is said more than "global warming" but see how NASA measurement is reported.
  • Our satellites have measured insignificant temperature change from Earth for 18 years, which says that political "global warming" claims are bogus.  A globe has many temperatures, depending upon relation with the Sun. A total depends upon how all are averaged. NASA gives true values for all planets.
  • Low-particulate atmosphere lets Sun IR (Infrared) rays pass through to warm Earth's surface, and that atmosphere absorbs some heat.  Earth's surface emits a different wavelength IR than what came through, and greenhouse gas limits how much gets out. This is normal & ordinary greenhouse effect with greenhouse gas.
  • Particulate Matter Pollution in the atmosphere absorbs more Sun rays and limits their passage to Earth's surface.  Atmospheric temperature is higher with particles than with greenhouse gas alone, and Earth's surface heat is lower than normal. Particle pollution is like having the shade of cloud coverage, and causes Earth surface temperature to differ from normal greenhouse effect.
    This may quickly affect a climate and more.
  • Jet Stream is a westerly wind (traveling East) several miles above the Earth's surface, transporting humidity, storms, gases and suspended particulate matter many thousands of miles.
    Nations emitting particulate pollution affect those on their east side for thousands of miles.
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  • This CO2 Source (above) uses dirty fuels and little EPA filtering.  They send dust (Particulate Matter) all the way to LA, and they build new electric plants every month.
  • Within the red dashed lines (above) see NOAA CO2 air measurement facility in that path.
  • West Coast USA has noted air pollution from this Source for nearly 2 decades.
  • In 2015, the above Source is emitting double (2×) CO2 as United States.   Source's President was in a 2015 UN Meeting, and stated this might be addressed in 2030.

    EPA on Greenhouse Gas
  • By not addressing air pollution made by all nations, the effect is certainly global.
      What are politicians really up to?
  • Worldly management requires knowing the pollution and CO2 weight by country to prioritize international EPA steps.

Why do politicians waste funding where it cannot possibly solve the "problem"?
Nations with highest & increasing emissions must be addressed first (#1) and ASAP.    
We can produce & market better fuels to help nations with growing pollution.

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