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    symbol is version with alcohol

Skin Barrier Wipes or Roll-On
for water-proof skin attachments
Coloplast - Brava Skin Barrier Wipe
Coloplast Roller - Brava Barrier Roll-On
ConvaTec - AllKare
ConvaTec - Sting Free Barrier Wipe
Hollister - Skin Protective Wipe 7917
SnS Products - Safe n' Simple
Remover Wipes or Spray
break down adhesives
Coloplast - Brava Remover Wipes
Coloplast Spray - Brava Remover Spray
ConvaTec - Sting-Free Remover Wipe
ConvaTec - AllKare Remover Wipe
Genairex. Inc. - Securi-T
Hollister - Adapt Remover Wipe 7760

Stoma Seal Rings 2-inch dia 
ConvaTec - Eakin Cohesive Seals
Coloplast - Brava® Moldable
Hollister - Adapt Barrier CeraRing
All have 2mm / 4mm thickness available. Mistakes can be made, check your order.
Hollister 2mm is called "Slim"   =  #8815

  Diarrhea Meds
See details on Lomotil   (prescription)
Details on Imodium   (OTC)
Lab and actual Comparison
Natural Fiber Metamucil®
 pH Test Strips
Samples:   eBay           Amazon
    or try Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

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