Ostomy Trials . . .
Our fluids move fast and for that our lifestyle is quite different. That timing and its effects need attention, and here we translate a few details.

Timing & Alkalinity
After eating, we need up to 3 hours to pass 1.5 — 4 pH stomach fluid (Chyme) going to the Duodenum.
The Duodenum connects our stomach to the small intestine, and is the beginning of where 90% of nutrient and medicine absorption occurs while waste products are passed along.
The Duodenum secretes alkaline to blend with stomach fluids. Its secretion goes on till that blend hits 7.0 — 8.5 pH for it to quit. Before Ileostomy this could need up to 1 hour. Pathway is shortened from Duodenum to Stoma which used to take 1—5 hours. The Ileostomy's faster fluids move alkalines away from Duodenum before full blending, so alkaline secretion continues, trying to reach that target pH.
Fluid travel time can be improved with Fiber and Anti-Diarrheal meds. Try Metamucil® or note some pharmacies have their own brand.
Natural Fiber helps balance food + Anti-Diarrheal meds. Available in capsules and no added flavor.

See your system:  get pH Test Strips.
First, find your own scale by easily reading output each time. That pH level will vary and can help show the effects of Fiber & Anti-Diarrheal meds. Stomach Acid Reflux (GERD) meds can affect stoma output alkalinity.
Check pH of Your Output to Verify*
  Before Ileostomy:      4.0  —  7.0 pH
  With the Ileostomy:   7.0 — 10.0 pH*
Typical Exterior Skin:  4.5  —  5.5 pH

Now our skin is exposed to fluid more alkaline (8—10 pH) than tolerable. Muscles can't limit output as before. Device Leaks beneath the barrier are painful, and even with no leak visible outside, replacement is required. So we try more devices for fit and comfort.

Some medicines and nutrients need more time and might be passed along before fully absorbed.

Consider that liquid and gel meds may absorb faster than solids, and Consider that delayed-release meds may be out of place to dissolve & absorb (washed away).

For nutrition, foods we eat have always required proper chewing (Mom said). Nutrition labels help you get maximum protein and nutrition from smaller meals and daily supplements. Eat less volume per meal and have more meals in a day to accomplish better intake.
Good eating style doesn't require ileostomy, just practice. Pass that on!
Vitamins, Minerals and Protein need attention, liquids and gels give better absorption. Most of us need > 60-80 grams Protein/day. Fiber is now more important.
Click these to see:

There are several drinks with added Protein and other nutrition, try to balance cost with your food for the day.
Click for Nutritional Drinks Ensure, Boost, Resource, Nutren, Pediasure, Nestle, online.

Shopping List
Metamucil®*, Imodium*, wipes, toilet tissue, anti-bacterial-hand-soap, paper towels, liquid protein nutrient drinks,
pH Test Strips, etc., etc.
 *names shown may be generic

Patrick Mullins

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