Ostomy Trials . . .
The stoma seal to barrier can leak onto your skin beneath the barrier, which is felt but may not be seen. That is skin irritation in hiding.

The 2-piece is commonly the first system used by the nurse or aide for maintenance. Stoma is accessible and pouch is disposable without changing the barrier.

The 1-piece is preferred by the experienced user for the pouch & barrier change, and stoma is then accessible. A leak from barrier to skin around stoma is usually the reason to replace, and that's measured in days.

Coloplast #10504  2-piece
Pre-Cut 1" (25mm) stoma
SenSura Mio Click Barrier

This shows 6× 7× 38mm donut,
4.5ml (1 teaspoon) around stoma. That measurement is flange diameter and height, minus the stoma space.
A 50mm flange with a 25mm stoma is a 2 teaspoon donut.
Important - this type of structure retains fluids until turned on its side. Lying on your back will make the stoma seal submerged.
No matter which method you're using, the skin adhesivesallow showers and swimming.
They are considered 'water proof.'
Use a 'Remover Wipe' when removing to avoid pain.

Pouch Side

Coloplast #10551
After 1" Cut Out
2.4mm thick


Coloplast #12262
0.3mm thick
Attach to
One Time
Body Side
Coloplast #10551 Flat
2-piece, Cut-to-Fit

This is a Coloplast 2-piece system, using #10551 barrier with #12262 pouch. There is no cup holding fluids.
Ileostomy brings fluids which can make a leak.  The higher alkalinity lowers viscosity. It more easily seeps under barrier and is trapped, painfully contacting your skin and forcing a barrier replacement.

Patrick Mullins

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