Electric Power with less fuel and CO2

You probably remember 10+ years ago when electric utility companies provided rebates for the new Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL) you purchased to replace Incandescent in your home.  Yes, each device came with a coupon offering money from that local utility.  Do you realize the benefit for that electric company?

For 20+ years, the US Government has studied, monitored and regulated Carbon Dioxide emissions, and Congress has taxed and lead to fines to reduce this pollution.  The electric companies see more than taxes and fines.  When burning a fuel, they must filter, remove and handle pollutant gasses and solids in the exhaust.  Some compress this into tanks and ship it away by truck or rail, some may pump CO2 into the earth. 

Few power companies have informed the public Customer of THIS expense added to their electric bill.

With the very long life of lower power needed by LED lighting, a power company can rebate a couple or more of those years of financial saving to the customer. 
That power plant will continue saving well beyond the rebate, and you both are ahead.

There is more to drive rebates than CO2.  One calculator attached here measures fuel reduction as well, and shows how that reduction can become a rebate which again helps both, the customer and the power company.

My involvement with solid state lighting (for more than 15 years) has continually offered ROI spread sheets and calculators showing the reduction of CO2 by subtraction of tons, using merely kiloWatt multiplication.  Such mention was great, but it left the financial association of Carbon Dioxide out of the equation.

Have a look at merely a few relevant documents.

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

DOE and EPA - CO2 Emissions from Generation of Electric Power July 2000 

CBO Study Feb. 2008 

Congressional Budget Office here, search for tax with co2 emission and power plant

CBO Testimony

Now, an on-line calculator relates the CO2 financial benefits with return on investment.
Visit that here:
ROI-LED Calculator for CO2 and Fuel

Here are just a few electric companies with rebates on lighting.

Florida Power clean oil cleanest is nuclear, oil cleaner than coal
     Search more on FPL      FPL describes rebate

American Electric Power 11 states
      65 million tons of coal    AEP Carbon Capture and Storage

Mid American Energy solid state lighting

San Diego Gas and Electric: CFL lighting rebate

Tampa Electric lighting rebate

North Little Rock commercial lighting rebate

Some of the companies build the rebate amount from CO2 taxing and expense.

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